Robotics education for kids

Things you should know about Robotics Education for Kids

Robotics education for kids is getting famous among society. But still, it has slow progress. May be due to the unclear perception of the concept. Before we swim deeper on robotics education, let’s try to understand its importance here. Moreover,

What could be in future with A.I Robots

Therefore, I am requesting you to be little imaginary here. What if A.I. robots involve more into our day to day life. And you would say it has already being involved. Yes, robotics are in operation now more than we expected. What if Robots become servants at your home and you are expected to operate them and maintain them.

Additionally, What if friendly A.I robot become quite violent. And seller of the robot has advised to you some code alteration! But if you are just alien to the subject..!! You and I cannot tell, this is not going to be true in the future.

Do you know about A.I Robot Sofia or Bina 48? Sofia and Bina 48 gave creepy answers when they were interviewed. Truly nobody expected such a response from them. Not only that, what about Chatbot Tay? she was shut down in 16 hours after the launch due to chatbot became more offensive and racist.

Make ready your kids for the future with robotics education

However, future of the Robotic has already stated, our kids are going to live there without our protection. Don’t you think now robotics education is a timely important topic?

Apart from those factors, let’s talk about definite factors. You and I graduated into the world which still manageable without much robotics involvement. But our children will step into the workforce which rife in robotics.

Therefore, They should be more compatible with those technologies to survive in professional life and their private life. Hence, children’s lifetime will more run through subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics also known as STEM.

What is STEM education?

Robotics education falls into the STEM education approach. STEM education is a teaching approach in mainly 04 subject areas.

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

Recently some experts have identified the approach as STEAM which is Art also added to above 04 subject areas. Importantly, these four or five areas are the most important subject areas for the future generation.

What is STEM education

In contrast, technology and engineering emerging as valuable two scopes for the new world. Robotics education represents both of the subjects. But worldwide there are many constraints for STEM education. One is the cost factor involved with subjects and the lack of qualified teachers.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the science and technology of making robots. It includes designing, manufacturing, and application of robots. Further more, robots making is inclusive of three major fields. They are mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and computer programming.

12 Reasons why Robotics education is vital for kids

There are many reasons to say why robotics education is important for children. In facts robotics education enhances the overall education experience for kids. It makes ready your children for future technologies. More importantly, robotics education may gift many social skills to the younger generation.

Find out below the list of importance of robotics education, Technology competencies such as,

Reasons why Robotics education is vital for kids
  1. Programming language and application orientation – they will learn the basics of the robotic language and which will be easy for their future studies in this area,
  2. Technological or scientific qualities such as analytical, informativeness, curiosity, imagination and investigation,
  3. Technology compatibility – They will be a tech-friendly generation rather than aliens for technology. Additionally, this culture would be prerequisite to face the challenges which raise from the robotic environment in the future,
  4. They will learn the art of continuous development of technology and how important to be creative and innovative to survive in a highly volatile tech environment.
  5. Conceptualization – conceptualization is one of the fundamental factors for innovation, children will learn conceptualization while they learn robotics,
  6. To make operational robots they should master the analytical thinking which will be demanding quality for their life decision,

Robotics education would impact on kids’ social skills

learning robotics impact in daily lives
  1. The problem-solving approach through innovation – problem-solving attitudes are key learning in robotics education,
  2. Ideation – priceless skill that important for a kid,
  3. Experiment and logical skill – this is one of the true meaning of STEM education. As a result of this, kids will be trained to take risks in their life and win from those,
  4. Teamwork – this approach of education is always project-based and teams are allocated and they learn how to work in a group and lead in a group
  5. Resilience – Failure is a core factor of success, your kid will learn how to rise again after fail, how to tolerate a failure. Even if forget all the above factors, Especially I love my kid to master resilience by experiencing the failure.
  6. Enjoy the learning – if you recall the conventional learning existing in schools is a dull act for kids, we have experienced it in our total school time. In fact this project-based, team focus, experiment, and conceptualization oriented learning approach or platform makes learning interesting for children.

What educational experts tell about Robotics education

Lots of educational Experts like Antonella D’Amico (2020), Sage, R. & Matteucci, R (2019) and Dr.Jay Arero publish many articles on positive effects of robotics education for children. Further they have conducted many types of research which most of them concluded with significant supportive results for robotics education.

What are the current constraints of school Robotics education

There are many constraints of getting the concept into society to its full potential. But below 03 reasons could be the most prominent,

  1. .Lack of awareness among the people or parents about the concept,
  2. Cost factor involves the education – due to this reason many public (Government) education institutes are reluctant to invest. Even though some of the private schools have robotics education sometimes they charge a premium which is not affordable,
  3. Lack of qualified teachers for the subject or poor expert level of teachers,

Find 10 best robotics kits for your kids

10 best robotics kits for your kids

We recommend below robot kits for you, each robot’s links have given and you can find more information about them.

What are other ways that kids can learn robotics?

If your kid has one of the above constraints of receiving proper robotics education from the school you can try other ways of getting this done. Moreover, some of these ways incur the low cost,

kids can learn robotics

After school clubs

Your school might not have the robotics education during school time but sometime after school clubs might be available. Or else you can find local clubs which have robotics learning.


USA and in Europe region now many libraries offer robotics learning.

Online tutorial

Here you should go through online training while making them from given robotic kits.

Be ready for rapidly changing education

The future of education is changing in a fast track. Indeed, things that you and I have learned in higher grade now kids are learning in the primary. Therefore, their way of learning is also being changed. In fact, reading books in typical classroom sessions is changing instead of participating, experimenting, and experiencing project-based learning is emerging.

Educational institute such as “altschool” in the USA is evolving despite the different
critics about them.

The education landscape is expected to change in different dimensions. E-learning is one of the highest possible trends after the COVID 19 pandemic. Personalized learning also is approaching which adjusts education according to once capabilities.

Make your children ready for the future world. STEM education is one of the best ways to face challenges. Robotics education under this approach is getting popular increasingly. Indeed, robotics education provide technological competencies and social skills which is timely essential for the era . Read more on these topics visit us again



Sage, R. & Matteucci, R (2019) The Robots are Here: Learning to Live with Them. London: Legend